UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs

UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs Closing Speech

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For this project, M&C Saatchi partnered with UNIT9 to create a video projection for the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ annual government summit in Dubai. Post production studio CherryCherry and production company Golden Wolf worked with us to create a memorable CGI and motion graphics experience.

This accompanied His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s 30-minute closing speech and highlighted the UAE’s identity as a tech savvy and progressive Arab country. A realistic CGI timelapse of a skyline was projected on the 9m x 3m central panoramic screen to accompany the beginning of the speech.

The cityscape was fabricated from iconic buildings around the UAE, with art direction by UNIT9. The audience saw a magic windswept desert giving way to most of the country’s iconic buildings and, eventually, to an entire cityscape.

The projection had a well-designed infographic element to it as well. A number of visual representations showed improvements in UAE citizens’ overall health, education and gender equality. Progress in terms of the country’s infrastructure, economy, diplomacy and foreign aid was also mentioned.

Our art direction reflected the UAE’s Arabic identity as a nation built from the desert up, surrounded by beauty and riches. We combined these ideas, including the UAE’s role as one of the world’s most modern nations, and arrived at the visual concept of origami unfolding from the desert.

The annual conference took place on February 10th and the event was Tweeted by many attendants using #WeTheUAE.