Mirinda AI Flavour Generator

Xuhao Yuan

Mirinda: AI Flavour Generator

‘Working in collaboration with 180 Amsterdam, we aimed to craft an experience for Mirinda that reflects everyone’s unique story. What better way to achieve this than by designing a personalised AI artwork that wraps around the Mirinda can? Embrace this seamless fusion of technology and creativity, and discover a new way to express your own flavour.’

Xuhao Yuan, Creative Director, UNIT9

The background

Embark on a thrilling journey of taste and technology with the Mirinda AI Flavour Generator, a groundbreaking initiative that embodies Mirinda’s vibrant mantra: “There’s no flavour like your flavour.” Combining personalisation with creativity, users can generate unique AI artwork based on their own images to be wrapped around a Mirinda can.

Mirinda AI Flavour Generator
Mirinda AI Flavour Generator

The execution

In collaboration with 180 Amsterdam, we created a mobile microsite that enables consumers to upload images from their own library to generate unique AI artwork.

To ensure the final artwork aligned with Mirinda’s branding and avoided copyrighted or inappropriate material, we trained an AI system, Adobe Firefly, to generate a gallery with over 400,000 images that met a whitelisted criteria of subjects (e.g. cars or food) and styles (e.g. illustrations or paintings). 

Mirinda AI Flavour Generator

We then used a separate AI model to automatically identify these criteria within the user’s uploaded image (e.g. cars & illustrations). The model then selected matching visuals from the Adobe Firefly gallery to put on the user’s can. The selected visuals were arranged into a collage on the can, unique to the user’s personality but still matching the Mirinda brand style.

Users could create multiple versions using their original uploaded photos or create more unique AI cans by uploading new images that represent who they are. At the end of the experience, users could share or download their can designs.

Mirinda AI Flavour Generator

The results

The Mirinda AI Flavour Generator stands as a testament to the innovative use of AI in marketing, balancing creativity, user engagement, and safety. The project is an exciting example of how AI can be leveraged to create personalised brand experiences while maintaining ethical standards and user privacy.

Mirinda AI Flavour Generator