TCTS: Thinking About You ft. Leo Kalyan

TCTS: Thinking About You ft. Leo Kalyan

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The concept began with memories of working in a factory at 16 (my first job). I always remember how weird everyone was and what a twat my boss was. Needless to say I lasted two days, but I always wanted to make a film about it. 

When MTA sent me “Thinking About You”, the idea grew organically between the setting and the notion of a guy ‘having a girl on his mind,’ only not in the usual way. 

The video is a concoction of escape from reality… Paranoid delusion… Drug trip weirdness. With that notion in mind, the writing became a lot of fun, erasing boundaries and allowing me to build the story from any direction. 

Having worked with MTA records before, I knew they were on my wavelength and luckily I was right. They loved the idea and gave me creative freedom to direct it how I wanted which I believe is No. 1 in delivering a good video.