Stranger Things

M I C H, Izzy Hyams

Stranger Things: Premiere Experience

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The Stranger Things Premiere Party Got Strange

We created a “stranger” experience for the hit Netflix show, for the Stranger Things Premiere party. To celebrate with stars of the show we arranged a series of spooky stunts and immersive experiences at the launch.

Stranger Things
The immersive stunt took place at the Stranger Things premiere party

Recreating a “Stranger” environment

We built a bespoke set bringing the surrounding area back to the 80s, and creating an immersive experience to surprise and delight guests. We rebuilt scenes from the series, and then planted a bunch of extraterrestrial pranks throughout the set.

Guests were welcomed (with 80s-themed candies and treats) and taken into a screening area to watch two episodes of the first series. But the fun was just getting started as their movie night came to an end.

Stranger Things
We invited the stars of Stranger Things into a rigged studio for prank interviews

The pranks

We invited stars from the show into a studio that we had rigged for the interviews. Once they were settled the room came to life with a number of extraterrestrial pranks, going back to the season one plotline. Walls and furniture moved, lights flickered on and off and a radio was seemingly transmitting messages.

Stranger Things
Pranks based on the series caught members of the cast by surprise

A street takeover

The main event concluded with a street takeover. As guests exited the premiere party they were faced with a set of upturned cars, steam projections and extraterrestrial mayhem.

Stranger Things
Outside the venue things got even “stranger”