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Sainsbury's Bank: Future Families

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Sainsbury’s Bank and Guardian Labs collaborated with UNIT9 to create “Future Families,” an interactive campaign that educates families about what their lives may be like in thirty years. Users can time-travel and get financial tips depending on the decade.

Users click on an arrow to fast forward from 2015 all the way to 2045, stopping at each decade to learn about different points in the future in more detail.

Fast forward to 2025, for example, and users can read predictions about everything from renewable energy to wearable tech. They can click on a colourful animation of a small city to draw up hot spots, clickable nuggets of information that pop up on screen.


They have the option, during every spin of the globe, to click on an illustration of Sainsbury’s bank and learn more about a range of different services, such as personal finance, travel, motoring and pets. Users can connect directly to the Sainsbury’s Bank website from there as well.

A user who clicks on a tree may get the following bit of information: “Grandparents, single parents, children and close friends will buy property together and reconfigure it to fit their needs – helping to split costs, reduce energy use, assist with child care, and reduce loneliness for seniors.”

The site is an interactive way to read about and visualise changes that are likely to occur in our world over the next few decades. Sainsbury’s Bank is integrated into the site, creating a fun and memorable way to prepare for the future.

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