‘The project proved how raw data can be transformed into a story that creates a bond with the brand. In the end, each user could see a different but beautifully tailored and bespoke Nike icon that showed the journey created by using the app.’

Zofia Mackiewicz, Creative Director, UNIT9

The background

Nike wanted to relaunch their app in China with a big focus on personalization. So we created a data-driven experience within the app that lets users visualize their lifetime Nike stats in a stunning way.

Nike App GTM
Nike App GTM

The execution


The Nike GTM App Engagement project turns fitness and purchase data into visual 3D profiles. It takes existing stats within the user’s account—including Nike shoe materials and apparel materials—and generates fun, engaging visuals to tell their unique story and celebrate their unique Nike Journey.

Each part of the story has its own set of 3D visuals, all designed by our team. The
journey is broken into various data points of user behavior, each with its own visual. At the end of the experience, the user is presented with one custom icon representative of their personalized Nike journey.

Nike App GTM

It was challenging requiring to integrate into Nike’s existing web framework for the web view inside of their Nike app. But we managed to get there on both the Nike framework and the standalone website in the end.

Nike App GTM

Our team was responsible for visual development, technical development, and
integrating the experience into the existing native Nike app. With just seven weeks for discovery, art direction, production, and implementation, After many late nights, we delivered a smooth experience with stunning animated 3D visuals and engaging bespoke music for both new and existing Nike app users. The timing was extremely tight, but this was a true labor of love and fun.

Nike App GTM

The results

Shared widely on Chinese social media, the experience was a great way to relaunch the Nike app in China and pique user interest. The final result was a sleek, eye-catching visual & sound story that both successfully engaged existing Nike customers and encouraged new app downloads.

Nike App GTM