Hoxton Window Project Toby Melville-Brown

Hoxton Window Project: Toby Melville-Brown

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For January 2016, the Hoxton Window Project featured projection-based artwork that pandered to the theme of escapism – certainly understandable in a month as dark and dreary as January. Illustrator Toby Melville-Brown and animator Gerred Blyth teamed up to create “Thought Park.” The windows are covered in the white outline of a water park, but are illuminated by a projection during the nighttime, with colourful balls moving through the different flumes.

“The piece is called Thought Park because it’s an imaginary water park with a play on the title Thorpe Park, a theme park in the UK. It’s all about escapism, suitable, I think, for January. I conceived of a water park which would have items sliding around the flumes, racing round the race track. These are projected onto the illustration.”

Toby Melville-Brown
Hoxton Window Project Toby Melville-Brown

Toby Melville-Brown is a freelance illustrator based in London. He is driven by a curious interest in the synthetic language and his drawings are often a reappropriation of architecture, pattern and the nuances of our built environment. He has worked for clients such as Burberry, AnOther Magazine and dn&co. You can check out more of his work here.

Gerred Blyth uses digital theatrics, physical computing and projection mapping to create brilliant experiences. You can see examples of his work here.