Hoxton Window Project

Hoxton Window Project: Naomi Edmondson

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This month’s Hoxton Window Project proclaims brightly and boldly: NOW IS THE TIME. Handpainted by artist Naomi Edmondson, the colourful window mural looks out over Hoxton Square, urging Londoners to seize the day.

Naomi’s artwork is part of a bigger personal project called Survival Techniques. 

Since June 2015 Naomi has been collecting friends’ and strangers’ anecdotes about the different methods they use to cope when they’re having a hard time. She says she likes the urgency of the words and has made it a personal resolution this year to just get up and do it!

Naomi Edmondson
Naomi Edmondson

Naomi’s has produced work for a number of publications and created many murals for events around London. You can check out her website here.