British Airways: Fly Well

British Airways: Fly Well

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This web experience showcases how the new British Airways aircraft actually increases passengers’ well being. This is portrayed through a woman gently floating in space, supported by a comfortable bed of sculptural flowing fabric. Through simple interaction the many features of the aircraft are explained presenting the idea of Fly Well.

Sean was responsible for directing the shoot and overseeing all the post production. The project presented many technical challenges which required careful planning. The main challenge was using the high speed 360 camera.

Sean and his team first pre-visualised the shot in 3D software so that they could plan the camera move before they came on set. Because they wanted to shoot at such a high frame rate they needed a camera dolly that would travel around a 360 track extremely quickly. They used a camera rig which was in early development stage and had only ever been used once before. The camera eventually travelled around the track at 5 meters per second making this the first of it’s kind for high speed photography.

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