Braintree Payments: ASCII Arcade

Braintree Payments: ASCII Arcade

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The player, ever so curious, discovers a hidden link embedded in the Braintree Payments page’s source code. Some mysterious ASCII art draws attention to it and the journey begins.

After the online adventurer clicks on the link, the option to play four old school ASCII games appears: Deployer, Algorithmoids, Incubator Invaders & SDK Knockout.

Each of the mini games is inspired by classic arcade games from the 70s and 80s, but with themed Braintree-style names, such as “Starting Up” and “Incubator Invaders.”

At the end of the experience, users could share their scores via social media. As a result, some users found out about the Braintree Games via Facebook or Twitter, while others found it directly through the source code.