Tech Lead (London)

Making Brands Famous Since ’97, UNIT9 is a global production partner with the sole mission to create astounding experiences at the intersection of world-class creativity, cutting-edge technology and impeccable craftsmanship.

Built from a multidisciplinary team of visionaries, we are experts in experience – skilled across: Virtual and Hybrid experiences, Augmented Reality, Film & Animation, Product Design, Experiential, Emerging technologies, Digital, Gaming and Experience Design.

It’s why AdAge crowned us Production Company of the Year in 2019 and Campaign anointed us Tech Company of the Year 2020, alongside 73 other awards that year alone, including an Emmy, 12 D&AD Pencils and 20 One Show trophies.



For the last 24 years we have combined digital innovation with modern storytelling and film craft to create truly memorable experiences and jaw dropping content. 

We have been at the bleeding edge for over two-decades and our hunger for the new, the unknown and the undiscovered is unabated. 

We are forever learning, testing, building and making.

We are obsessed by the craft and deliver everything with love.

We are independently owned and independently spirited. 

We are not an agency. We are creative, production & problem-solving on-demand.


THE JOB : Role & Responsibilities 


When there’s a technical challenge that comes up, you’re the person who can make it happen. 

You thrive in an environment of collaboration, bouncing ideas off of your fellow team members, as well as incorporating feedback into whatever you’re working on.

You will work with creative teams to find innovative ways to tell stories, while managing development teams in order to implement beautiful experiences for high profile clients. 

This is a hands-on position, and you’re expected to lead by example in order to ensure a consistently high quality of code and quality of deliverable. You’ll also be expected to keep up with and experiment with the latest technologies in order to help us bring consistently innovative experiences to our work. You’ll work with designers and producers to come up with elegant solutions, often implementing cutting-edge technology to create experiences that are the first of their kind.



-Research technical options and discuss pros/cons with team

-Project management (estimates, timeframe and team)

-Create prototypes to prove out technical solution

-Scaffolding the project (setting it up for junior devs to jump in)

-Prioritize tasks for developers

-Complex coding on specific projects

-Communicate with Producers, UX, Devs, and QA team


YOU : Requirements & Qualifications 


-You will be a clear communicator – out loud, in writing, and in code. 

-You will be detail-oriented, and committed to producing a high standard of work (you’re a perfectionist not because the job demands it from you, but because you take full ownership and pride over your work) 

-You will experiment with new technologies and embrace opportunities to take on new technical challenges.

-You look for opportunities to learn from the people around you, and you look for opportunities to share your knowledge as well. 

-You pay attention to detail / impeccable craftsmanship

-You have excellent coding skills, and attention to detail

-You have excellent communication skills

-You have a strong experience leading teams

-You demonstrated experience and ability to learn new technologies

-You experience with high-demand, high-availability, and high-security architectures

-You have software development experience

-Front end: HTML, CSS, Javascript, three.js 8th wall

-General: creative coding, AR, VR, immersive web experiences

-You’ll have access to client and UNIT9 information, so confidentiality and security is of the utmost importance.



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