Nick Piper

Having started his career as a Flame Artist for top VFX shops in London and LA, Nick soon discovered that his true passion lay in directing live action. He has since built an impressive body of work in the automotive world and loves concepts with mind-bending effects. His work includes projects for high profile brands such as Google, Goodyear, McDonald’s, Coors, Home Depot and Budweiser, and a fleet of automobiles, including Chevy, GMC, Ford, Nissan, Hyundai, Cadillac and Toyota.

Nick brings a uniquely fresh point of view and sharp problem solving to everything he directs. He can find something exciting in every set of boards. It can be a great casting opportunity, an epic design visual, a storytelling twist, or an intimate human moment. U.K.-born Nick studied applied mathematics at Oxford University while also boxing on the school’s varsity team.  This passion for filmmaking combined with his creative skills produces precision, preparation, and attention to detail, all wrapped up with keen strategy.