Sony Cymatics Sound So Loud You Can See It

Cole Paviour, Yifei Chai

Sony Cymatics: Sound So Loud You Can See It

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UNIT9 director Cole Paviour took on the exciting technical challenge of creating a unique experience for Sony by using cymatics, the visual representation of sound.

“Sound So Loud You Can See It” brings Sony’s MHC-V7D speakers to life using LED lights and an array of substances. Resonating sand, dancing paint, sonic water sculptures, dry ice bubbles and ferrofluid coordinate with the instruments, sound spikes and vocals of “Hideaway” by Kiesza to mimick the song’s journey from a dark and quiet beginning in the woofer to a final visual crescendo that brings the science of sound to life.

To emphasise the sound pressure created by the MHC-V7D and the incredible power of the bass speakers, the video was shot in 2K at 2000fps, allowing you to see fully the incredible shapes and behaviours of cymatics.

“I see this as beautiful, enigmatic and exciting – we want to give the audience a sensory experience like no other; one that reflects the experience of being in the same room as these speakers.”

Director Cole Paviour
Sony Cymatics Sound So Loud You Can See It