‘World’s first body tracking Snapchat lens plus Nike tech pack visuals? Just do it’

Yifei Chai, Creative Director, UNIT9
Nike Tech Pack
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The background

Nike was launching their new Nike Tech Pack collection, designed specifically for hardcore athletes, and which epitomized the future of movement. But how do they demonstrate just how tech-forward the collection is? It had to be more than your typical ad campaign—we had to let athletes experience it for themselves.

The execution

We worked with Nike & Snapchat to create the world’s first-ever body tracking lens. It allowed us to track moving graphics to the position of the user in the camera capture. The experience actually involved three layers: The base live stream video layer, the 3D animation layer that added in the graphics tracking to the athlete’s body movements and a grid-like blue tint to layer on the Tech Pack branding.

Users were able to claim their lens through a series of promotions or by messaging Snapchat and requesting it, making the experience feel exclusive. And of course, they could view the new Tech Pack collection through a direct link to the Nike site.

Nike Tech Pack

The results

Nike and UNIT9 created an innovative, world-first solution for the launch of Tech Pack. And as athletes everywhere raced to try the first-ever body tracking lens, it proved to be the perfect filter for the future of movement.

Nike Tech Pack

‘When new technology really serves a brand message’

Romain Demongeot, Creative Director, UNIT9