Merge Mansion

Hal Kirkland

Merge Mansion

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‘Merge mansion was one of my complex film jobs to date. We had three cameras that were continually orbiting the action, each leap-frogging from one location to the next in an excruciatingly choreographed dance. It was important to me that the camera language and the cinematic quality of how we captured it, did justice to the frenetic pace of the story as superstar talent unraveled the mysteries of the mansion.’

Hal Kirkland, Director, UNIT9

Hollywood stars Pedro Pascal, Jesse Williams and Ashley Benson came together to unravel Grandma’s secrets in UNIT9 Films director Hal Kirkland’s latest short for mobile game Merge Mansion.

The actors took part in an escape-room style immersive experience, with the resulting content forming the base for the video campaign. Doubling as a celebration of Merge Mansion’s milestone update giving players wider access, the short follows three previous spots featuring Pascal that have already racked up 38M views between them.