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Takayoshi Kishimoto

Comcast Town

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Welcome to Comcast Town. A website that mixes gaming, with social networking and engaging user interaction.

UNIT9 - Comcast TownUNIT9 - Comcast TownUNIT9 - Comcast Town

Users design their ideal Comcast crib. Then, they fine-tune it and start to accrue currency. And finally, they engage in the world full-on. Personalisation is the key.

We designed an interactive environment where users can select, buy, change layout, and make up their room as a reflection of themselves.

UNIT9 - Comcast Town

Residents can even add a note to each item of they have. So that the visitors can glean more of the resident’s personality.

UNIT9 worked closely with Facebook to provide one of the few Facebook Connect enabled Flash sites online those days.

UNIT9 - Comcast Town

It allows users to quickly register by using their Facebook account and seamlessly invite friends, and share activities in the Comcast Town.