Axe Matte Effect: Social Effort Scale

Takayoshi Kishimoto

Axe Matte Effect: Social Effort Scale

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“Are you trying too hard on social media? The Axe algorithm will tell you.”

The Daily Mail

AXE MATTE EFFECT’s Social Effort Scale website measures the ‘social efforts’ of users with a unique algorithm. Visitors connect to the site via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and their social posts are scored between -500 and 500. From pictures and hashtags to check-ins and status updates; the scale is designed to alert users if they’re trying too hard.

The information gathered from their chosen account (each social account connected is given its own score and multiple connected accounts will average out a total score) is based on a multitude of categories such as the use of emojis, frequency of posts, number of hashtags and the types of hashtags used.

Once users have received their own score, they can compare themselves with their friends, confirming their suspicions of who is trying too hard and who is effortlessly shining at every party, or share the results across different social networks.

Together with Barton F Graf 9000 they have created a Social Effort Scale to serve as a “social mirror” that allows you to check how good you look on social media. The full study, which can be found on, has been the inspiration behind the experience. The dev team at UNIT9 created a unique algorithm that use social media’s big data visualization to withdraw the information needed to predict visitors’ scores. A custom-built API was crafted to retrieve the calculated user’s data which was then added to a bespoke backend CMS. Here certain criteria of data was analysed including key words/phrases and trends to establish the users social standings.

Social media caveats were built to allow users to connect through popular networks including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and a Front end HTML5 gave a fully responsive website for Desktop, Mobile and Tablet. Through AXE MATTE EFFECT’s Social Effect Scale website inappropriate hashtags and awkwardly photoshopped images may be a thing of the past. We can only hope that users aim to improve their social standing and #effortless becomes a trending topic across the social network world.

“How happy am I with what we made together? I lead my creds presentations with it.”

Gerry Graf, Founder & Chief Creative Officer at Barton F Graf 9000