Sean Pruen

Autotrader: Driven by Style

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In a bold statement that redefines car customization, Autotrader set out to let people’s personal fashion reskin a car. An illuminated installation attracted the attention of passerby with a blinking ring of LED lights. The lights animated in a sequence and it was curiously familiar—blinking in the same colors as what each visitor was wearing.

As they watched in disbelief, lights projected on a nearby white car. Now the colors they were wearing created a seamless animation on the car using 3D projection mapping.

To achieve such a feat, we had to create a library of ten pre-rendered animations that can be dynamically colored based on the someone’s clothing. The animations are chosen at random, but the specificity of the colors—captured by an HD camera house in our installation—made the experience feel beautifully customized to each user.

The word on the street was Autotrader when we delighted passersby with our real-time customized car experience.