Paddy Power


James Kibbey

James tells stories about sport for the world’s biggest brands.

His work for Southampton FC has twice been nominated for a Sport Industry Award. In 2016 for the ‘Show Your Stripes’ campaign featuring Dr. Barry Gale – a comedy character James created from scratch, and then again in 2018 when ‘Made For Heroes’ received a nomination in the fiercely contested category ‘Film Content Of The Year.’

He wrote and directed the #USAHole campaign for Paddy Power, most notably surviving an entire day with Piers Morgan in the process, created a documentary series for the GB Rowing team in the build-up to the last Olympics, and successfully convinced Sergio Aguero that he could bend a free-kick into a KFC bucket.

Most recently James has toured the globe making a five film series for Audi on the future of technology in football, taking in Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich along the way. If you’d told a 10 year old James that, he’d have bitten your hand off. In a nice way.