TK Maxx Catwalk Challenge

TK Maxx: Catwalk Challenge

‘This was a really exciting brief to receive, as it was our first opportunity to develop a 3D Effect for TikTok. It was an added bonus that the Effect involved a strutting Lil Goat, it’s not every day you get to the catwalk alongside a goat, especially a Christmas themed one!’

Mitch Fernandes, Art Director, UNIT9

The background

After a long, challenging year, TK Maxx wanted to make people feel extra special at Christmas. So, together with TikTok Creative Lab, we created a viral TikTok catwalk challenge that encouraged people to strut their fabulous fashion stuff and have some festive fun.

TK Maxx Catwalk Challenge

The execution

The “Get Your Goat On” challenge capitalised on the already-popular TikTok trend of catwalking in slow motion, as it took a step further with a 3D animated Christmas goat. We built a 3D AR filter for TikTok that allowed users to walk their catwalk alongside the virtual goat, simultaneously showing off their fashion and creativity. As users started walking, the filter made it look as if they were strutting next to Lil’ Goat, a cute character from the TK Maxx Christmas TVC.

This effect wasn’t the team’s first TikTok filter, yet excitingly, it was the first time we produced a 3D effect and developed a 3D model in the user’s environment. The more we experiment with TikTok’s continuously developing Effect Creator, the more fun we have! We’re learning the platform limitations, i.e. file size, and coming up with ways to get around the limitations. We push the boundaries of what’s possible to find creative workarounds without sacrificing quality.

The filter concept was relatively simple, the work was challenging, and the effect videos were incredibly creative. We
constantly refreshed the app to see the stylish designer TK Maxx outfits that creators were sporting. At the end of this strange year, we had a blast working on a lighthearted project that celebrated fun. Who doesn’t want to spend their days interacting with a 3D animated strutting Christmas goat?

TK Maxx Catwalk Challenge

The results

The “Get Your Goat On” challenge was a smash hit, earning tens of thousands of views on TikTok and counting. It felt good to work on a project designed to make people feel special and we’re glad TikTok creators loved it as much as we did.

TK Maxx Catwalk Challenge