Philips Hue: How Many Years Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?

Philips Hue: How Many Years Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?

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“We’ve created a film that you want to watch over and over again, to then pass on”

Chris Baylis, Executive Creative Director at Iris

IRIS Worldwide sought out the talents of UNIT9 to tell the story of the technological innovation behind Philips’ lighting products. The film shows how little the technology behind the light bulb has changed since it was first popularized in 1879. It ends with the release of Philips Hue’s range of LED lights, which allows users to control the tone and brightness of their lights through apps.

The film is set in the living room of a family home. The camera is kept still, and we watch as time moves forward. We see the room’s contents and furnishings evolve through the decades. In the center of the room is a light bulb which doesn’t change until Phillips’ Hue is introduced.

The ad was shot by the team in just two days. We used the same room for the entire production, meaning that we kept having to deconstruct and redecorate the space to show in visual ways that time was passing.


“Philips has launched its first ever connected lighting campaign with an ad showing the history of the light bulb in the home – followed by a hint that the future will involve the firm’s dynamic smartbulb range.”


“It’s an idea that starts conversations,” says Chris Baylis, Executive Creative Director at Iris. “And it gets people remembering what they grew up with, and gets them thinking about how quickly technology has changed and enhanced their lives. Now it is lighting’s turn to change and transform their lives and homes.”