Optrex dry eyes

Simon Neal

Optrex: Dry Eyes

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To powerfully demonstrate the need to target dry eyes in the blink of the eye, Simon Neal directed a brilliantly simple spot that truly engages the viewer. 

Captured in a single shot, potential Optrex consumers are asked if their screen is giving them dry eyes. Then, the camera zooming into a man sitting solo on a stage, viewers are challenged to a staring contest with him. The camera holds on his unwavering eyes for what seems like an eternity, and then it finally zooms back. It leaves us with a simple message: if you blinked, you may have dry eyes.

The lights coming up at the start and going off again at the end, the zoom in and zoom out, the actor’s reactions to the words on screen—everything had to be timed exactly. Add to that the fact that our actor had to do it all without blinking, and you can see why it took nearly thirty takes to get everything just right.

Simon Neal

And get it just right he did. The spot is captivating to say the least and accomplishes the not-so-small feat of taking a simple idea beyond the screen.