Netflix: Daredevil

Jonathan Pearson

Netflix: Daredevil

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The much anticipated global launch of the second season of Marvel’s Daredevil—a Netflix original series—was approaching and Netflix wanted to shout it to the world through art, film, animation and innovation.

Using Gifiti (an app that animates real life paintings), Daredevil-inspired street art was brought to life in seven key cities around the world so everyone knew that Daredevil’s arrival was near.

Fans in Paris, London, New York, Dubai, Taipei, Singapore and Madrid got to experience the “real world” GIFs to get excited for the show. Renowned artist and creator of Gifiti, INSA, led the conception and execution of the art.

To give fans an “under the hood” peek into how the art was launched into the world, a short film was released to celebrate the creativity and global reach of Netflix Original Content and the dark, originality of the Daredevil series.