lucidreams VR

Lucid Dreams – Dreams during which person is conscious that is dreaming while the dream is taking place. 

“This series aims to demonstrate a style that excites us in the burgeoning field of Cinematic Virtual Reality – something that we refer to as ‘Poetic VR’. We are extremely excited by the project”.

The Kissinger Twins

‘Lucidreams’ is a cinematic virtual reality project, accompanied by a photographic series, exploring the intersection of dreams and sexuality. The first chapter is entitled ‘Distraction’.

The experience will take the viewer on an immersive journey to a pristine river. It starts with a meditative Voice Over of your personal assistant, then suddenly a seductive beauty appears. This is where things get interesting (and more complicated).

Lucidreams is accompanied by by a photographic series shoot by Katarzyna Kifert.