LinkedIn: Talent Intelligence Experience

LinkedIn: Talent Intelligence Experience

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The background

The Talent Intelligent Experience was a one-day immersive gathering for today’s brightest, most forward-thinking talent leaders and serial innovators to build relationships, learn, strategize, and share best practices around using data-driven insights to power talent decisions and make people your competitive advantage.


The execution

Story 1: Data Insights. This projected experience featured a series of animated portraits together with up to the minute insights about local talent pools. Animated data strips and circles revealed imagery of people and places from the talent landscape.

Story 2: Interactive Experience. Talent strategy is getting smarter. Faster. More strategic. Driven by the combination of unprecedented new data signals, powerful insights unlocked by AI, and your instincts, a rapid shift towards talent intelligence has begun. In this interactive experience we utilized depth sensors to detect visitor’s presence and display data insights as they approached the screen. Falling data strands reacted to the proximity and changed speed and color. As they got closer to the screen new data insights would appear.

Story 3: Data Challenge. Talent Intelligence is a new way to harness data and insights to reinvent and improve every step of the recruitment process. For the final experience we created an interactive tablet application that integrated with the projected environment. Presented with a series of questions the user could trigger targeted data insights to appear to learn about a fictional company. Proceeding through the challenge users would then be asked where they might relocate this company based on the data they had just learnt. With these key insight users could make more informed decisions helping them achieve a competitive advantage.

The results

Attended by over 300 talent leaders in both New York City and Paris, the events featured a number of talks by key industry leaders. This multi-walled projected and interactive installation allowed visitors to explore the talent landscape. Set across three different experiences, each story displayed data insights based around local talent.