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Kissing was born out of an experiment with voice controlled video and was made with the intention to bring an emotionally charged and intimate moment into an interactive context. It is an interactive installation. The result is public and yet speaks to the individual.

UNIT9 - KissingUNIT9 - Kissing

UNIT9 - KissingUNIT9 - Kissing

A moment which can be experienced as a group but evokes different responses in all of us.

An online and live projected installation, Kissing was exhibited at OFFF, Stuttgarter Filmwinter. It was nominated for the Arte Culture Audience Award.

UNIT9 - KissingUNIT9 - Kissing

UNIT9 - Kissing

Behind The Scenes

Tango & Hawaii is a collaborative project by Luciano Foglia and Anrick Bregman. They create sound and visuals that explore the interplay between the randomised mathematical unpredictability of code and the tangible textures and nuances of real life.

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