IBM: PointStream

IBM: PointStream

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If you love your Tennis, make sure you have your laptop at your side. New for the 2010 US Open, The IBM PointStream visualiser aggregates and displays match data and stats in real-time to give you insight into the way your favorite players are performing.

UNIT9 - IBM: PointStream

IBM PointStream utilises a variety of technologies, including Flash 10, html, php and Java (IntelliJ IDEA). The user can easily switch between any game currently being played, and view detailed data on any current or completed set – ensuring you don’t miss a thing.

UNIT9 - IBM: PointStreamUNIT9 - IBM: PointStreamUNIT9 - IBM: PointStream

What’s more, each point within every game can be selected, presenting you with information regarding faults, rally count and even serve speed.