Hoxton Window Project

Hoxton Window Project: Jose Miguel Mendez

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We’re ending the year with a bang! This month’s Hoxton Window Project may not be colourful but it’s definitely eye-catching. Drawn by Jose Miguel Mendez, the artwork combines images and words which don’t hold back in terms of content or visuals. Almost every inch of our windows are adorned with the white POSCA pen designs and phrases like “bitch don’t kill my vibe”, “show me your tits” and “boobies.” We like it!

Jose is a Spanish illustrator who is based in Melbourne but travels the world whenever he gets the opportunity (he is currently relocating to Bali with his girlfriend). He has worked for a number of clients, including Facebook, Converse and the BBC. He has a background in Graphic Design and Moving Image and gets a lot of his inspiration from underground comics and skateboarding culture. Jose likes to explore humorous and aesthetic themes using typography and character design.

You can check out more of his work here. And he also did our windows almost two years ago, which you can see here.

“The idea comes from graffiti; it represents the streets, where anyone can leave their own message, which is why all of the messages are random. I used the windows as a way to bring to life a wall from the streets.”

Jose Miguel Mendez