Expedia + VisitBritain: The Only Place

Thomas Davis

Expedia + VisitBritain: The Only Place

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Inspiring tourists to discover their next Great British vacation with Expedia Visit Britain.

We extended the films to an interactive web and mobile experience

We partnered with 180LA and Friend Productions on their series of tongue-in-cheek infomercials for Expedia Visit Britain, to create a unique web and mobile experience. Five quirky characters invite users to explore the highlights of London, Manchester, Wales, Cornwall and the Scottish Highlands.

Each region is introduced by a different provincial character

Each film explores the merits of its location, with a carefully-written script, performed at the same tempo by our actors.

Our characters give their perspective on the cultural nuances of each region

“Each script focused on colloquialisms and slang unique to the region, so each line of dialogue was a different length. Editing and syncing five different dialogues into one smooth experience was the central challenge across both film and digital teams.”

Thomas Davis, Digital Creative Lead
"Britonics" - tribal dialects found around the island of Great Britain

Users can navigate between the different films using a compass – building their own itinerary along the way.  Gyroscope functionality on iOS devices helps users to shift location intuitively.

Users can move intuitively between regions with gyroscope functionality

Based on the time viewing each film location, the experience suggests an itinerary to the user. All that’s left is for the user to book their trip.

A landing page suggests where you should book your trip
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