Dump The Big Six

Dump The Big Six

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“Dump The Big Six” is a multi-channel digital campaign, designed to capitalise on negative public sentiment about The Big Six energy companies and to raise awareness of renewable energy.

Featuring cartoon-style cooling towers collapsing to the ground as Mozart’s Porgi Amor plays in the background, Dump The Big Six shares a strong message, while adding a humorous note to the green energy debate. The ending is a happy one, with wind turbines rising from the ashes of the old power stations.

The campaign’s crumbling cooling towers are symbols of a passing era, of an old industrial approach to energy production – through burning fossil fuels. With over 3.1 million views, Dump The Big Six was featured on 600+ sites and blogs, the campaign managed to turn Ecotricity in UK’s most ‘liked’ energy supplier. In recent developments, you can see Dump the Big Six in Banksy’s Dismaland at the truck cinema!