Cole Paviour

Braun: Become Unstoppable

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The new Braun MQ9 hand blender was revolutionary when it came to blending the most unblendable foods. Previous hand blenders had been no match for the likes of frozen berries, chocolate, coconut and nuts.

But now, no food could withstand the power of Braun.

Director Cole Paviour created a visceral spot that showcased the unstoppable capabilities of the Braun hand blender in the most dynamic way. Slow motion, close up and, quite frankly, thrilling shots of the food being chopped to bits, sliced, pummeled and thrown directly at the camera surely made every viewer want to go out and purchase their own.

The spot was shot on the PhantomFlex 4k with motion control to steady the camera. We captured dynamic moves of the various ingredients in extreme close-up. Each shot was challenging and required trial and error to get it just right. The one that proved to be the most fun was loading mini trampolines with frozen berries and coconuts, then bouncing them so they ended up on the camera lens.


When we set out to prove Braun to be powerful and a force to be reckoned with, we demonstrated to the world that even the most unblendable of ingredients were simply no match.