Best Buy: ‘Buy Back’

Best Buy: ‘Buy Back’

UNIT9’s dedicated apps team have developed an app to promote their new ‘Buy Back’ program, which allows customers to sell their tech goodies back to Best Buy, in exchange for vouchers to put towards a new purchase.

A free download from the AppStore, simply select the type of product you bought and how much you paid for it – the app does the rest. You can also take advantage of the built-in smartphone ‘Upgrade Checker’ – simply enter your phone number and carrier, and the app will tell you when your upgrade’s due. You can even tell the app to remind you and add it to your calendar so you never miss the latest gadget you’re entitled to.

UNIT9 - Best Buy: ‘Buy Back’UNIT9 - Best Buy: ‘Buy Back’UNIT9 - Best Buy: ‘Buy Back’

And for a bit of fun, don’t forget to check out the ‘Time Machine’ feature – turn back time and make calls from within the app on a telephone keypad from your chosen year. For the super patient (old rotary phone) and the super curious (futuristic mind reader phone).