Air Tennis

Air Tennis

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With your iPhone as the racket you’re always on centre court.

You’ve heard of Air Guitar?

Well now there is Air Tennis!

UNIT9 - Air Tennis

You can pretend to play tennis with a friend wherever you are.

Play at home, the office, or even at the grocery store, play with your kid in the playground. But no cheating! The umpire will call out the score and tell you how well you’re doing…

UNIT9 - Air Tennis

Air Tennis on The Gadget Show

Can’t bare to tear yourself away from Wimbledon this summer? No need, with UNIT9’s Wii-inspired app, Air Tennis. Our friends over at The Gadget Show review (and love!) Air Tennis and we think you might too – so get practising, Centre Court awaits!

UNIT9 - Air TennisUNIT9 - Air TennisUNIT9 - Air Tennis

Pollyanna and the Gadget Show team prove that Air Tennis can be enjoyed and mastered by anyone and everyone, after she wiped the floor with UNIT9’s man (when the cameras weren’t rolling, fortunately…)

We’d also like to apologise to Channel 5, for causing a dramatic decline in productivity over at The Gadget Show HQ – but what can we say, addictive apps is our thing!

So what are you waiting for? Air Tennis is available in the App Store now.