UNIT9 - Hello, My Name Means

Unit9 Techology


Six UNIT9ers who are each involved in virtual reality discuss the future of the technology. They question how the advertising industry will integrate into the VR world, whether the total immersion of VR makes it an antisocial medium and what storytelling and user experience challenges are to come.

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UNIT9 - Hello, My Name Means



We combine creativity with a tested production methodology, including a/b testing, beta launches, emotional prototypes, and an intense discovery phase. At UNIT9, apps are as creative as they are tested.


Our games utilize the latest technologies, including virtual reality, augmented reality, apps, mobile first production, UNITY3D, WebGL, and HTML5. UNIT9 games are built upon the creative application of future-forward tech.


Our projects find new life on the Internet. We create experiences that are innovative, elegant, and unique. Our projects include work in HTML5, WebGL, and responsive 3D. We create for desktop, tablet, mobile, and cross platform campaigns.

Big Data

We’re experts at capturing big data and interpreting it in easy to digest and visual content. We capture big data and then we capture big audiences.


We take technology into the real world with immersive and engaging installation experiences. We combine new technologies, hardware, digital components, and virtual reality to fully captivate any audience.


Many of our projects require the production of new and modified hardware. We’ve created innovative solutions for live action events and films, experiential installations, and crowd-sourcing campaigns.


UNIT9 Films focuses on creative content. We make documentaries that capture the legacy of creative productions, social videos that consistantly go viral, and live action films that utilize custom hardware and innovative designs. We create content that’s narrative driven and emotionally engaging.

Virtual Reality

The future of entertainment is in fully immersive experiences. Interactive 3D, binaural sounds & live action straight to the brain.

Post Production

We do 3D, CG animation, motion graphics, previsualition for live action, film, events & VR