Our technology unit explores new territory in digital, live action, and installations. We collaborate with agencies and brands on technical strategy and development.

Discovery Phase

Innovation is difficult to commission without a clear picture. We create a digital blueprint made up of prototypes, executive video packaging, user journey and budget/timing considerations.

Strategy = creativity + storytelling

By applying our technology filter, our response is always grounded in what can be made. We fine tune elegant and innovative solutions through storytelling and user experience. Reach out to us early.


When we develop a prototype we also design an emotional layer to elevate and challenge the creative through user experience – It’s a key ingredient for the sign off process.

Methodology and Tools

Our process is transparent and collaborative – we use agile frameworks and industry standard tools, google docs etc. So we can easily plug in to your process.

Chrome Experiments

We create Chrome Experiments and HTML5 websites that deliver a unique experience through advanced functionality. Winners of Cutting Edge site of the year 2013 for our “Oz The Great and Powerful” WebGL experiment.

Beyond Gamification

We use social, games and marketing to develop channels that engage users wherever they choose to be. We create and market our own products. We also develop bespoke solutions for agencies and brands.

Immersive Installation 

We developed our first live web-event solution in 2009. We direct Interactive experiences merging digital, hardware, live action and live performance to engage an audience in situ: outdoor, mall, kiosk, theatre.


The Interface is the intuitive language that connects our experiences with an audience. We are fluent, and we push to define new grammar across all devices.

SDKs and APIs

As curators of technology we author creative hacks with Social API’s, Data API’s, Cognitive Computing and interfaces.

Connected Consumer Experience 

We curate innovative e-Commerce solutions from cross platform shops, in-game, social and in-store. Exploring the Connected Consumer Experience.

Unity3D/Game apps

Unity is one of our preferred game development platforms. It’s powerful physics engine allows us to create bespoke 2D & 3D games and port them to web, android, iOS and gaming consoles.

Unity3D/Game apps Reel

Live Action

We specialise in shooting live action material for interactive, online and experiential projects. We approach live action as we do digital – Story with innovation.

Hosting, Backend & CMS

We deploy and maintain advanced hosting and computing infrastructures. (Amazon EC2, CloudFront, S3, RDS, Google App Engine). We add CMS to manage Social, and Multimedia content. We develop bespoke API’s  in PHP or Python and compute Big Data to power our interactive experiences.

Hosting, Backend & CMS Reel

QA and User Testing 

Beyond cross platform testing (mobiles, tablets, chrome book, desktop, …). We involve QA from the start. Benchmarking usability and engagement from the first wireframe through production and deployment.


Immersive experiences developed with code and hardware. Arduino, drones, oculus rift. Digital and film teams team up to make this happen.