UNIT9 specializes in creating stories that unfold across multiple platforms. We are storytellers, first and foremost, and our primary goal is always to generate emotion. But as natives of the new media landscape, we also understand that our audience’s viewing is not confined to a single platform or device – or indeed to a single moment in time. So the stories we create mimic the behavior of our audience, tracing a route that weaves through broadcast, web, and social networks, across every variety of screen.

Our stories are brought to life by the directors on our roster who, as in all film production, are custodians of the creative concept from start to finish. As with the directors at many highly-ranked production companies, they are veterans of commercials, music videos, TV, and cinema. An important difference from traditional production companies, however, is that our directors work closely throughout the creative process with teams of UNIT9 engineers, software developers, and designers to create our interactive experiences. All of our work is completed in-house, as a coordinated effort between our film division and our experts in technology, gaming, and social media. The award-winning interactive experiences we create are the product of cinematic imagination merging with a fluent understanding of social media, its applications, and the fullness of its potential. 

Over the last year our work has been covered by New York Times, Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Independent, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Express, Wired, Mashable, Rolling Stone Magazine, Fast Company, Ad Age, Creativity, PSFK, Luerzers archive, Creative Review and Most Contagious 2013 to name a few.