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The Trip is a brainchild of the Kissinger Twins and of UNIT9. A transmedia project consisting of an interactive film, a short cinema film, a photography series and a concept album by Smolik.

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“We met Jack during our holiday. He was a laid back 80 year old with an unforgettable voice and wicked sense of humour. We spent an evening together with his wife Alice drinking Blue Moons at a hotel bar. The next day he took us on a ride across Tutuila Island.”


“A passing comment we made about the NASA Mars project annoyed him, and it triggered him to tell us a tale of how the moon landing was fake.”


“His story that day became the story of this movie.”

The Trip_desktop

“Listening to him was a bizarre experience. The line between fiction and reality blurred. But the facts and details of his story were logical.”


“As was his critique of modern technology. He told us that he had plans to turn his story into a book, but we never heard from him again.”


“So here is THE TRIP. The story of the man behind the biggest hoax of the 20th century. It’s a tale that could easily be the fourth part to Alan Pakula’s Conspiracy Trilogy.”


“And Jack… wherever you are now we hope you are fine and that the ‘Powers That Be’ leave you alone. This is for you. We did what you asked…”spread this story on fuckin iphones, mephones, youphones. Let people know”. So we did.” Kissinger Twins

The Transmedia Approach

The transmedia approach of the project tells Jack Torrance’s story in different ways with each of the individual executions designed especially for the media in use. Please turn on your speakers and open up your eyes to immerse yourself in Jack’s story…Watch, Interact, Listen to The Trip!

For iPad, Desktop and Mobile

Developed by Otto Nascarella

The interactive version of The Trip is a road movie consisting of 11 chapters. An immersive, chill out music experience with strong visuals taken from public domain footage.

Complete All Parts of The Trip to See The Final Scene.

Users choose their own pace unveiling Jack’s story via tapping or moving the cursor of their mouse. Take another Trip, the story stays the same but scenery always changes.

The Trip_ipad_Start
One of the first interactive films for the iPad

Built in HTML5 the site has been designed to perform smoothly across iPad and Desktop, with an interactive teaser on Mobile.

in Cinema

“It all starts off with the Goddamn moon…that’s where they wanted to go…”


The 10 minute short epic cinema version of The Trip, starring Dan Dunlop, is currently out travelling the globe making appearances at film festivals, and a limited special edition of the cinematic movie will be available on VHS.

on CD & Vinyl

A soundtrack to The Trip by Smolik. An immersive concept album full of references to the music from the 1970′s like Stan Getz, Astrud Gilberto, Gilberto Gil, Lalo Schifrin and Ennio Morricone. Narrated by Dan Dunlap. On iTunes.

Now in your record store

and a limited Photo Series

Big scale images by Kasia Kifert / Kissinger Twins with previously unreleased quotes by Jack Torrance.


“In the 1960s all I had was a few cameras and archaic computers and that was enough to fool the whole world. And here we are now in two thousand and fucking twelve, how about that Stanley?” – Jack Torrance

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