FWA Daily App

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So here is the FWA Daily App for iPhone and iPad, combining all of The FWA Network’s showcased content into one app for your daily viewing.

UNIT9 - FWA Daily App

Every day you can browse FWA Daily to find new content including: Site of the day, Mobile of the day, Photo of the day, Video of the day.

UNIT9 - FWA Daily App
UNIT9 - FWA Daily AppUNIT9 - FWA Daily App

The app pulls daily FWA content from their existing database to populate this portable Lifestyle, Reference iPhone & iPad application.

UNIT9 - FWA Daily App

The FWA (Favourite Website Awards) is a recognition organisation that has been showcasing the best of digital since the year 2000. Our well vetted content, combined in the FWA Daily app, will give a dose of digital inspiration every day.