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FENDI: FendiLife

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To support the revealing of FENDI’s 2014 Spring/Summer collection, UNIT9 have created a beautiful and stylish HTML5 microsite – FENDI Life.

Showcasing all FENDI live events from the Milan Fashion Week, the unique infinity grid landing page allows visitors to scroll effortlessly through the exquisite content of the site.

Through clicking on the different boxes, the users unveil exclusive information, images and videos of the new collection.

But that’s only the beginning. FENDIlife invites all admirers of the brand to enjoy one of the most anticipated shows at the Milan Fashion Week for themselves. The site live streamed from the FENDI catwalk on September 19.

To make you feel just as if you are sitting front row, chatting with your friends, we have added the option to take snapshots during the live stream and share them with other fellow fashion-lovers via Facebook and Twitter.

The show is followed by interviews with Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi, which include exclusive sneak peeks into the designers’ sketches.

Naturally, the FENDIlife gets you also through security at the opening of the new boutique at the heart of Milan. The 360° map empowers visitors to browse the boutique, as if they were transported to Milan with a click of the mouse. To enhance your experience we have hidden additional content from the event throughout the QMap environment.

The Fashion Week is a place where the fashionistas from all over the world come together to admire and discuss the new trends. Showing you in one glance all of FENDI’s social accounts, the Social Wall on the FENDI Life site is your pass behind the scenes of the most exciting fashion event of the year.