Electric Tentacle

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“It’s addictive, looks great and is extremely easy to get the hang of. Don’t delay! 9/10″ [App-Score, September 2012]

UNIT9 - Electric Tentacle

For the sequel of Nano Panda we stuck to a unique gameplay.

Electric Tentacle is set in the same world, but adds more cute original characters, multiple levels, and an infinite gameplay.

UNIT9 - Electric Tentacle

You and your animal friends have been shrunk down to nano-size by the invaders and now you have to escape!

UNIT9 - Electric Tentacle

Tap the screen to zap a bolt of electricity which will drag your creatures toward it. Navigate through tricky obstacles and be careful to not get munched by the nasty enemies!

UNIT9 - Electric Tentacle

Electric Tentacle is a unique high score game, as you try and escape be sure to pick up your buddies…the more the merrier as you try to collect stars and stay in one piece!

UNIT9 - Electric Tentacle

An in-game currency let’s you buy items and upgrades store, in-app purchases are waiting and you can compete against friends and much more.

UNIT9 - Electric Tentacle

With that ‘one more go’ level of addictiveness, Electric Tentacle will keep you entertained for hours as you try beat that high score and win your crown!

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Now available on the App store! A game for iPad and iPhone.