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Live Action

UNIT9 - UNIT9 Films

A studio for creators – UNIT9 merges content with technology and data for film, commercials, social media and experimental channels.

UNIT9 Games

Game and Product Studio

UNIT9 - UNIT9 Games

Ideas grown from experimentation and prototyping. Games, apps or installations evolve into native advertising, as content.

UNIT9 Digital

Responsive Web Solutions

UNIT9 - UNIT9 Digital

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. UX/UI + HTML5 solutions, Chrome Experiments, integrated experiences across multiple devices.


Christian Etter – College of Design Bern and Biel

UNIT9 - Christian Etter - College of Design Bern and Biel

Christian Etter will be speaking about “The digital Evolution” at the College of Design Bern and Biel, Nov 1st.The school is the competence center for creative-artistic, technical and creative-design-crafts education in Espace Mittelland and hosts a series of public lectures named ‘Standpunkte’(positions), featuring Swiss industry creatives. Christian’s talk will explore how technical progress is changing our society as never before. Analysing the last 200,000 years of our patchy humanity, the presentation discusses the importance of technological progress for the future of visual communication, giving pragmatic insights into the production of digital communications for global brands. Where: Salzhausstrasse 21, 2503 Biel/Bienne. When: 6.30pm.