UNIT9 Films

Live Action

UNIT9 - UNIT9 Films

A studio for creators – UNIT9 merges content with technology and data for film, commercials, social media and experimental channels.

UNIT9 Games

Game and Product Studio

UNIT9 - UNIT9 Games

Ideas grown from experimentation and prototyping. Games, apps or installations evolve into native advertising, as content.


Virtual Reality

UNIT9 - UNIT9 VR We pioneer virtual reality content for brands crossing live action, gaming and digital for installation and events.


Anrick – FITC Amsterdam 2013

UNIT9 - Anrick - FITC Amsterdam 2013

FITC Amsterdam February 2013 – Design. Technology. Cool Shit. YOU. UNIT9! Join Anrick as he explores the concept of ‘cult web’ through projects which have opened up the idea of cult content online. What is ‘cult web’? How many of us are working at the same time, being pulled in different directions, but often still inspired by the same things? Similar to cult film, cult web serves largely as an inspiration for many. Anrick will explore projects which he considers to be ‘cult web’, in the meantime showing his own recent work, discussing the link between the two.