Sigma Libratone Nightingale

Sigma x Libratone: Nightingale

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When the hottest 360° sound speaker wants to be heard, how do you launch in a big, loud, hear-me-now kind of way?

British drum and bass act, SIGMA, was pulling in over 180M views on YouTube, and they seemed like the perfect band to write a new track inspired by Libratone’s logo, a nightingale. And since no song becomes anything without its fans, the Internet was recruited to create an interactive 360° music video.

“Creatively this was new ground for me as a director. We were completely fan-casting the film. This realness is what gives the video its charm, and the addition of 360º meant we were able to fully immerse viewers into the film.”

WOLF CVB, Director

People were cast through social media and given the task of coming up with the crazy + extraordinary things they’d do for the video. The best entries were filmed and made it into the final piece.

Fans join together to create the first 360-music video and build a beautiful masterpiece to launch Libratone’s 360°speaker.

“Because it was a 360º video, we had to interact with the footage and ensure we knew what was happening all around the camera.”

WOLF CVB, Director