Les Heures Magiques

Google Les Heures Magiques: Wave 2

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Google Les Heures Magiques: Wave 2 is a mobile-first experience that gives Parisians the chance to explore events in their city during after-work hours in the evening. Most activities are suggested by well-known French personalities such as influential bloggers or the mayor of the City of Paris. You can see the website here.


On desktop and mobile, users interact with a list view of events and enjoy a fluid experience thanks to our site’s material design. Those looking to discover events offers can search through four filters: Wear It, Discover It, Taste It and Move It. They can RSVP via Facebook to take part in team workouts, eat at traveling restaurants or go to food markets.


Users can also interact with the site via social media. Parisians who tweet #HeuresMagiques can submit their own recommendations for events they think should be included on the site, and share with other users who might want to attend.

Our backend developers engineered seamless transitions within the site, so that going from one page to another is an extremely smooth experience. As part of our loading strategy, images fade slowly, animations load quickly but in gradual parts and information on the site appears to be living.

The site works in both English and French, so users can easily pick their preferred language. A Map view is included, allowing Parisians to see where filtered events are according to area.


Les Heures Magiques: Wave 2 is a follow-up to our Les Heures Magiques site, also made for Google, which let Parisians explore their city over the summer, during the magical hours before sunset.