El Jimador Tequila: Mexology

Martin Stirling

El Jimador Tequila: Mexology

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UNIT9 brought together three different artists to collaborate on one epic project, each inspired in their own way by the one-of-a-kind flavour of El Jimador Tequila. We follow the three unconventional artists’ lives and watch as they each bring a unique skill to the table and collaborate on creating an epic live event for El Jimador in the dynamic city of Detroit.

The Talent Search

The first thing UNIT9 had to do was find the artists necessary to create this one-of-a-kind event. We began a search that covered the U.S. and Mexico to find talent that most represented the vision we had in mind. After conducting 150 webcam interviews and sending over 500 unique emails, we settled on three amazing artists.

We spent five weeks with a team of researchers trying to shortlist the artists, people who had a different story to tell. The idea was to find three people who we could put together to create a one-off installation, something unique that could only happen by mixing these three artists.

Dawn of Man

Dawn of Man is a Brooklyn based duo that specialize in projection mapping and highly immersive artistic events. “Their work is unlike anything I’ve ever seen,” says Craig. 

“They completely turn art on its ear, they use anything they can as their canvas. It’s really the next evolution of what art can be.”


Carolina is a vocalist and electronic music composer from Mexico. She’s known for mixing highly engaging forms of music to create a sound that’s unique. “Her sound was perfect for what we wanted to do,” says Craig.

“I felt right away that it was something that would compliment the art of the others involved. I think that was the main focus for us, not finding the best artist but curating the artist who worked best together.”

Ryan Doyle

Ryan Doyle is a visual artist based in Detroit’s Banglatown neighborhood. He is known for creating amazing art pieces and functional installations with repurposed metals and scraps. “His stuff is completely mental,” says Michelle Craig. 

“He makes these crazy monsters who breathe fire out of pieces of abandoned metal. I think he’s perfect for this event, not only because of his art but also because of his ties to Detroit.”

With the perfect artists curated, the next piece of business was finding the right location. “We chose The Michigan Theater because it’s huge, beautiful, and filled with this amazing history,” says Craig. “It’s also worth noting that we chose Detroit as the city for this events. It’s a city that’s seen the brink of destruction but stays strong. It’s the perfect base for our artists to make something truly unique.”

The three artists came together to create one amazing event, proof that mixing great things creates great things. Dawn of Man developed a projection mapping light show that played in sync with Carolina’s music, which timed perfectly with Doyle’s pyrotechnic colour effects.

El Jimador’s #Mexology film series was a delicious success. The recipe? One part Brave, one part UNIT9, a splash of tequila, and a twist of good luck.