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Cesar: Feed the Friendship

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UNIT9 worked closely with BBDO to create a site for dog food brand Cesar called Feed the Friendship. The mobile site enables users to upload a photo of their dog to discover its breed.

To swiftly get the scoop on their pooch’s background, users either take a picture of their dog or upload a pre-existing one onto the site. The image is then scanned and users are provided with illustrations about their dog.

Users can share their results badge on social media and apply to win a “Feed the Friendship” DNA testing kit for their dog if they want more precise information about its breed and background.

On the desktop version of the site, users can look at a gallery of users’ dog photos.


The site was designed to be intuitive and fun. Over Seventy illustrations of dogs were created in anticipation of the different breed mixes. Users’ results badges were a mix of different illustrations. These were created in a fun and quirky style to make for a pleasurable user experience.

Cognitive Computing Recognition Technology

The site was built with HTML5. Integrating the recognition technology was the most challenging aspect of the making-of. We used an API which communicated with the site to analyse whether the image was actually of a dog (versus a human or a computer, for example). A cognitive computing API specialising in dog breed recognition then used a variety of information from the picture – such as nose or hair length – to analyse the breed

We tested thousands of dog photos to ensure that the site would work smoothly and that the recognition technology was accurate. For example, we batch processed lots of Google images to ensure that even if the dog photos were taken at an angle, the recognition technology would still be spot-on.