Creative Director 

Le Polish Bureau is looking for an industry-leading Creative Director to join our team – full time, part time, freelance, on-site or remote, you name it!You will have the ability to lead both clients and global internal teams on the big idea and deliver your creative vision for truly groundbreaking, large-scale global campaigns, product launches and cutting edge brand experiences. Following on from previous company successes such as: IBM: Backbone and Brains, JFK: Moonshot, and Star Wars: Lightsaber Escape, we want you to push forward with brand new projects as leader of story, design, and interactivity.
You will be responsible for managing the client relationship, securing contractual and project sign-offs and mitigating project risk, throughout the production cycle.
You will also contribute to the development of new business and the ongoing optimization of UNIT9’s processes.Responsibilities:
-Leading your team through the creation and delivery of incredible interactive experiences.
-Enabling your projects to reach UNIT9 Group standards on craft and quality.

-Leading the Client relationship; ensuring the work meets the Client’s objectives and the client is happy with the working relationship.-Supporting the development of new business, including; meetings, taking briefs, preparing proposals etc.

Must-have skills:

-Have previous experience overseeing and guiding development and creative teams in creative industry

-Impressive communication skills and an enthusiastic approach to networking with clients

-Evaluation, review, and approval skills ensuring output is of the highest quality;

-Demonstrable responsibility for the budget and financial wellbeing of past projects;

-Experience across more than just one vertical; e.g. Web, VR, Experiential, Machine Learning, etc.


You are able to:

Be highly creative with an ability to develop ideas quickly and methodically.

Answer briefs with innovative ideas that answer the client’s objectives but pushes the envelope in regards to creative execution.

Be sensitive to the cultural needs and values of both clients and team members from around the world.

Direct projects throughout the production process from conception through to delivery

Structure and write treatments with logic and clarity. Explaining ideas in a simple but compelling format with an emphasis on UX and narrative.

Lead presentations and client meetings, building confidence in your creative ideas and ability to deliver on them.

Keep a cool head when changes, challenges, barriers and client feedback arises. Continuing to support the team throughout.


Contact: Please send your CV and online portfolio to