Hermès: 8ties

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Hermès has launched 8new ties inspired by the digital era. Explore the collection through animation, photography and stop motion videos.

UNIT9 - Hermès: 8ties

UNIT9 director Christian Etter and Winkreative have created an interactive world, taking inspiration from early computer games, to celebrate this unique collection of 8 ties.

UNIT9 - Hermès: 8ties

The digital sphere becomes a fun virtual space in which animations, illustrations and photography bring the different tie designs to life and invite viewers to reveal the ties’ secret technological identities.

Please turn up your speakers and get ready. Because ties are knot what you are thinking.

UNIT9 - Hermès: 8ties

Hermès, a French family run fashion house, established in 1837. For the launch of their new range of eight handmade, heavyweight twill ties, the Paris-based luxury fashion house wanted to create an innovative print and digital campaign.

UNIT9 - Hermès: 8ties

Their London based agency Winkreative, founded by Tyler Brûlé (Wallpaper, Monocle), approached UNIT9 to ask if we could help shaping the interactive part for the launch of Hermès’ new ties range.

UNIT9 - Hermès: 8ties
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The theme of the new tie collection was the world around retro computing, an exciting time of 8-bit sounds and colorful computer graphics.

UNIT9 - Hermès: 8ties

Winkreative conceived a beautiful print catalog which went out at the same time as the interactive campaign went live. We took parts of the catalogue for the interactive version and hand-crafted other parts by frame-by-frame computer animations.

UNIT9 - Hermès: 8ties

We used Flash 8, a fairly old form of technology, to produce the campaign so we ensured it was compatible with Hermès’ existing website.

UNIT9 - Hermès: 8ties