Captain Morgan: Captain's Conquest

Takayoshi Kishimoto

Captain Morgan: Captain's Conquest

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Captain Morgan: Captain's Conquest

Game sessions last from 5 minutes to 20 minutes, with 45 minutes not uncommon. These levels of engagement are unheard of in any other traditional or digital medium and would be expensive to replicate.

Independent Survey commissioned by Diageo

Captain’s Conquest is Diageo’s biggest App to date, Directed by UNIT9’s Takayoshi Kishimoto in partnership with Anomaly New York and Captain Morgan, Captain’s Conquest is a massive location-based multiplayer mobile game. Winner of best app within Diageo 2012.

As a user, you assume the role of captain and your social influence on Facebook and Twitter is used to create your initial ranking. As you physically move around the real world, you have the option to fight virtual battles against rival ships and increase your vessels’ strength and capabilities by collecting add-ons.

Captain Morgan: Captain's Conquest

You can form a fleet with your friends and conquer territories by docking at real-world locations via Foursquare.  By proving your battle skills and exploring your city, you can collect bigger ships and become captain of the entire fleet. Entire cities can even compete against one another as the multiplayer function is based on location.

The game has over 80 unique items that you can discover. You also have the ability to buy and sell virtual loot, hidden in the physical world, although these exist in a dynamic economy where prices fluctuate depending on your location.

Captain Morgan: Captain's Conquest

Before playing Captain’s Conquest, you can watch thousands of users battle in the real-time feed on the Captain Morgan Facebook dashboard.

Captain’s Conquest brings the captain’s legacy and his adventurous spirit (no pun intended) to life. Winner of Diageo’s Best Mobile Campaign Award, the game is available on iPhone and Android but only in the US.

In addition to this, you can also use the innovative scope feature to scan physical Captain Morgan bottles to unlock valuable in-game rewards.

“I will give the pirate his due. He makes a damn good branded mobile game. The Captain’s Conquest game for Android and iPhone is genuinely engaging and fun.”

Steve Smith, Mediapost

“It really looks and performs amazingly! I couldn’t be more impressed and proud of the effort.”