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Live Action

UNIT9 - UNIT9 Films

A studio for creators – UNIT9 merges content with technology and data for film, commercials, social media and experimental channels.

UNIT9 Games

Game and Product Studio

UNIT9 - UNIT9 Games

Ideas grown from experimentation and prototyping. Games, apps or installations evolve into native advertising, as content.

UNIT9 Digital

Responsive Web Solutions

UNIT9 - UNIT9 Digital

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. UX/UI + HTML5 solutions, Chrome Experiments, integrated experiences across multiple devices.


The Chihuly App Brings Glassblowing To The iPhone

UNIT9 - The Chihuly App Brings Glassblowing To The iPhone

Introducing the first ever glassblowing iOS app! A joint effort with The Martin Agency to bring to life the art of artist Dale Chihuly and complement Chihuly’s exhibition at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. The app allows users to generate shapes, manipulate them directly with their fingers, adopt colours and even textures. They can then share their final artwork on social networks.