We represent some of the most established international Directors in the field of interactive experiences and design.

All of our Directors have an exceptional creative flair combined with profound technical knowledge.

UNIT9 Films

Live Action


A studio for creators – UNIT9 merges content with technology and data for film, commercials, social media and experimental channels.

UNIT9 Apps

Game and Product Studio


Ideas grown from experimentation and prototyping. Games, apps or installations evolve into native advertising, as content.

UNIT9 Digital

Responsive Web Solutions


Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. UX/UI + HTML5 solutions, Chrome Experiments, integrated experiences across multiple devices.


Yates Buckley – FITC Amsterdam


Technical Partner at UNIT9 Yates Buckley speaking at FITC Amsterdam

Presenting ‘Brain to Tornadoes’

Sometimes during development of visual effects based experiences you find unusual cross over. Recently I found myself in the odd situation of discovering that code we were using to look at mouse brain was actually useful to create a nice tornado effect. With permission of the Max Plank Institute and my advisor Moritz Helmstaeder, and with programmatic help from Dmitry Orlov we were able to transform a volumetric shader designed for science games ( to one for entertainment. In this talk I will take apart the graphical elements that made our storm scene for ‘Oz The Great and Powerful’ Chrome Experiment done for Google and Disney and leave you with a brain challenge.